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Gulak, sometimes described as a nation of immigrants, is a cosmopolitan nation that is the second largest in world. Grouped culturally into “clades”, the variety of subcultures within the nation far surpass those of any other Autochthonian nation. Sometimes this diversity is a strength, providing perspective on challenges that would not be found in nations with a more singular view point. Sometimes this diversity is a weakness, when heresy is accepted as cultural difference and lax immigration laws allow spies within the nation’s borders.

Gulaki cuisine is widely regarded throughout Autochthonia as the height of culinary art and there are several schools dedicated to the craft. Likewise, art is highly valued by the society – so much so that once a year a celebrated artist is elevated from member of the Populat to member of the Theocrachy (a tradition which has sparked at least one Jarishite holy war against this “heresy”).

Gulaki’s national leaders are Rarata Sernasha, the High Celebrant, and Stegan Angler, the Grand Autocrat.

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Of God

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The Divine Ministers

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