for God and Gulak

The one with babies


After Forge (Dane) got spiked and FORCED to help build a gate to Creation, Hammer (Greg) did some detective work. What he found was a seeeecret route to a mysteeeeeeerious glowing crystalline cube building thing. Inside were numerous NUMEROUS preserved specimens of Autocon and elsewhere. Demons never before seen or conceived of. They all seemed alive, but in stasis.

Meanwhile, back in the glorious city, Tourniquet (Savannah) was dooing somthing in the hospital, Forge was diligently working on this ill-fated gate, Purest Watah (John “Not present for this one” Beard) was rollin’ in the Glots not even countin’ them, and Beacon (Luke) was rubbing elbows with the mucky-mucks and whatever people do when they TALK to each other.

When the gang realized their most favorite religious zealot had gonna missin’ they set out right away!! P.W. piloted the skiff in the direction Forge dictated (due to an unprecedented display of perception). The motorcycle drones came too. And so did the motorcycle.

The path lead them to the before mentioned cube-of-blue-glowy-crystal and of course everyone jumped right in (except P.W. b’cuz he had fallen asleep or something) Inside, Hammer told them everything he could about the place, which was restricted to what he saw as there were no non-stasis living things to threaten for information. Looking around, Tourni found a chamber of five humans who seemed to be color coded. Each was dressed in a different themed set of Jade armor and all present felt a strange kinship to the beings held there.
Except P.W. because he had waited in the skiff.

A debate ensued about A. whether or not to open then B. whether or not to open all of them at the same time C. just leave. While Forge was PRETTY insistent on opening ALL THE FUCKN’ THINGS, reason prevailed and Tourni chose one to crack-a-lack. The blue one. Easy peasy.
As soon as the chamber (or whatever) holding this candy coated human was breached, an alarm began to sound and a troupe of Adamanine guards were deployed to investigate. A handy homing beacon began flashing, pointing towards our hero’s. Again, except Purest Water because he was futzing around in Forge’s skiff doing Autocon knows what.

Everyone started running, Hammer took the new guy on his sick ride and made a b-line for the slowly shutting door. Everyone but Beacon made it through, he opting to distract the murderous mob and get some info. Once in the skiff, Touri began trying to resuscitate the old blue-armor guy. Oh yeah, I forgot, the guy was late-middle aged. Doesn’t really matter. ANYWAY, While this was happening, Forge tried to re-attune this cool compass thing he had so they could find their way back. Purest water watched.

Inside, Beacon found out who the Crystal guys were and what the place was. They were servants of Autocon (duh) and the building was a museum of sorts belonging to Autocon (wow!). The being they had released was property of the Machine God and they demanded it back. Also I think they wanted to kill us for finding the place and then breaking in and fucking with shit. Don’t remember. They did open the door and B told us everything he

Aaaaanyway, Tourniquet could hardly understand the guy and he was getting antsy.


benjaminbeard Viggorish

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