Faith's Sanctuary


Soak 9L / 9B, Hardness 5L / 5B, Mobility -3, Fatigue 2, Attune 5m

  • Sensory Augmentation Visor: +2 bonus to Awareness; negates all penalties from fighting in darkness less than pitch black
  • Integrated Targeting Subsystem: +2 bonus to all attacks; +1 PDV
  • Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem: +4 bonus to Stealth
  • Exomuscular Fibers: Double’s ground speed. +2 bonus to feats of strength and to damage inflicted
  • Vitality Boosting Subsystem: Wearer regenerates every action during combat or all bashing every minute outside of combat
  • Resiliency Augmentation: +2 bonus to Resistance
  • Upkeep: Maintenance required every 100 hours of use; every 30 missed hours randomly disables one of the powers described above.

This armor is Gunzosho Commando Armor and can be found in the Books of Sorcery, Volume 1, pg. 81.


Just as Dogma’s Edge represents the harsh consequences of heresy, Faith’s Sanctuary stands as proof of Autochthon’s mercy and kindness to those who follow him faithfully.

Faith's Sanctuary

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