Dogma's Edge

Soulsteel Grand Beamklave

weapon (melee)

Speed 5, Accuracy +4 , Damage +12L/4, Defense +0, Rate 2, Attune 3 (with an additional 5 to activate blade), Tags: 2, O, P, R

As soulsteel, it drains Unquestionable Purity Hammer’s Essence in motes from the victim and gives them to UPH every time he deals at least 1 HL with Dogma’s Edge.

As a beamklave, the weapon destroys mundane weapons (via PDVs) and armor it comes into contact with. See MoEP: Alchemicals, pg. 211 for additional information.


Dogma’s Edge is a Soulsteel Grand Beamklave that was designed and created at the behest of Unquestionable Purity Hammer who desired a weapon that encapsulated terror and righteousness and succinctly as he does.

Dogma's Edge

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