for God and Gulak

Session 1

  • An explosion at a local factory draws the Assembly. Investigation reveals it was a failed assassination attempt of an eight year old half-god cult leader. The party learns that a worker named Horacles has been acting suspiciously and hasn’t shown up for work in a few days. The Finest Water cares for the cult leader and also makes it rain glots.
  • The Assembly goes to Hercules’s house but he is not there, only a bunch of poor folk. Unquestionable Purity Hammer unsuccessfully interrogates the residents, and the Unwavering Beacon of Truth Piercing the Darkness manages to learn that there is Void cult worshiping in secret tunnels under the factory.
  • The party finds the tunnel and Finest Water sneaks in disguised as Horatio. The real Horatio notices the impostor and attacks, revealing his true form and unleashing his spider legs. Finest water is pinned in a grapple – he calls for help and the rest of the party attacks.
  • Beacon of Truth attacks some crossbowmen and is repeatedly shot in the face. Unquestionable Purity Hammer wails on Hector while Inquisitive Forge of Progress repeatedly blocks his escape using his little smoke/steel/stone buddies. Beacon of Truth runs away “to find witnesses”. Purity Hammer mortally wounds Horatio but Forge of Progress is able to save his life in order to take him prisioner.


benjaminbeard ghorn

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